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  1. 1M/6M trends

  2. 20 minute delayed data

  3. Application background color

  4. Call Options

  5. Call Verticals

  6. Can I adjust the time out setting?

  7. Can I cancel a subscription at any time?

  8. Can I customize the chart?

  9. Can I edit the premium for each trade?

  10. Can I trade directly through the site?

  11. Canada TMX OptionsPlay

  12. Cancelation Policy

  13. check mark next to the options play score?

  14. Credit Spreads Report

  15. Delta

  16. Events and Webinar Registration

  17. Follow on YouTube

  18. Gamma

  19. How are Trade Ideas Generated?

  20. How can I create or edit a watchlist?

  21. How can I interpret the Strategy Analysis?

  22. How can I share or save a trade?

  23. How can I trade a strategy that is different from the three suggestions?

  24. How can I upgrade my browser to the latest version?

  25. How can I upgrade my current subscription?

  26. How can learn to navigate the platform?

  27. How do I cancel my subscription?

  28. How do I change my current password?

  29. How do I change the quantity of the strategies?

  30. How do I clear my browser's history, cache and cookies?

  31. How do I draw indicators and technical studies on the chart?

  32. How do I edit or modify a trade?

  33. How do I execute a trade?

  34. How do I find a good Trade Idea?

  35. How do I know what the risk is for each trade?

  36. How do I take advantage of a Trade Idea?

  37. How do I update my personal information?

  38. How do I view a stock or ETF that is not in the Trade Ideas list?

  39. Hub

  40. HUB reports not displaying

  41. Implied Volatility

  42. IV Rank and Liquidity Metrics

  43. Logo Trade Idea

  44. OP Hub Link

  45. Option Sizzle definition

  46. Options 101 Course Link

  47. Options on Futures?

  48. Presentation Slides

  49. Put Options

  50. Put Verticals

  51. Recorded Content

  52. Request to Cancel

  53. Rho

  54. Session timeout setting

  55. SPX

  56. Straddle/Strangle Report

  57. Strategies

  58. Subscription Link

  59. Suspended Status/No access

  60. Swing Options

  61. Technical Analysis Webinar

  62. Theta

  63. TMX Access

  64. Tony's Chart Settings

  65. Understanding Option Greeks

  66. Vega

  67. Webinar Registration/Reminder Emails

  68. Webinars, Events

  69. What are Support and Resistance Levels?

  70. What are Trade Ideas?

  71. What devices support the OptionsPlay Ideas Platform?

  72. What does the 1m/6m trend indicator tell me?

  73. What does the Income Tab do?

  74. What does the OptionsPlay logo next to the OptionsPlay Score mean?

  75. What does the Relative Strength mean?

  76. What does the trading range slider do?

  77. What filters can I use for the Trade Ideas?

  78. What is "POW"?

  79. What is “POP”?

  80. What is the cost of OptionsPlay?

  81. What is the Investment and Risk Panel?

  82. What is the OptionsPlay Score?

  83. What would my P&L (Profit & Loss) be for each strategy?

  84. What's the difference between Covered Call and Short Put?

  85. Where are the Greeks on your platform?

  86. Where can I find more details about each strategy?

  87. Where can I find the Covered Call and Short Put Reports?

  88. Where can I find the earnings calendar?

  89. Where can I find the Liquidity & Earnings Spreadsheets?

  90. Where can I find the Support and Resistance levels?

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